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SCSC needs your support at the swim meets we host. Home swim meets allow for reduced program costs and less expenses for our families.

Swim meets generally have multiple sessions. Most sessions are under 4 hours in length and there are many volunteer positions per session. Volunteer sign-ups will be available prior to each meet on the TeamUnify site. Most positions do not require any advance training, however some positions do require training at the meet or before, and we will help you learn everything you need to know!

This list is an overview of jobs at our home swim meets. At some meets, these positions may not be needed, while at other meets there may be additional positions. Please contact SCSC Team Administrator Janet Cho with any questions.


Report times willl vary for each position. When job signups are posted be sure to double check your time slot(s).



Collects admission fees via cash/card/check, distributes appropriate change; distributes appropriate session/meet wristband; checks spectators for proper wristband/pass.



Makes all necessary announcements over the PA system as requested by the referee/officials or meet management; announces event information (event, heat, stroke, and distance).



Organizes awards and awards area; places preprinted labels on ribbons for swimmers; distributes ribbons/certificates to swimmers/coaches during the meet.


Bullpen Shepard

Helps arrange age groups swimmers behind the starting blocks; organizes swimmers by event, heat and lane.



Great for new parents- no training or experience needed; sells drinks, snacks and meals to swimmers and spectators; collects payment and distributes proper change; prepares warm food as needed, restocks product as needed; assists with setup and takedown.


Crash Room Monitor

Ensures safe swimmer and spectator behavior in crash room; announces meet timeline (on deck, in the hole, in the pool).


Head Timer

Previous timing experienced preferred

Participates in timer meeting; assists in teaching new timers; operates backup stopwatches in case of error with lane timers.



Prepares food, snacks and drinks for coaches, officials and some volunteers; assists in helping setup, keeping food fresh and cleanup of hospitality rooms; ensures individuals with proper access are only in hospitality rooms (no swimmers).


Lane Timer

Minimum age of 13

Great for new parents- no training or experience needed; operates stopwatch and touch pad button used for the entire session. If stopwatch fails, notify the Head Timer for a replacement stopwatch for that race; records times from both stopwatches on the lane/timer sheet for each swimmer.


Meet Assistant

Office or General Assistant; helps meet management and officials with various tasks to keep the meet running smoothly.


Place Judge

With a partner, observes and records order of finish for all heats.



Collects DQ slips from officials to distribute to referee and admin official; collects timer sheets for admin official; distributes snacks/drinks to coaches, officials and volunteers.


Safety Marshal*

Minimum of age of 18 – USA Swimming training required prior to meet – At least one female and one male per session

Responsible for ensuring a safe meet and pool deck, enforces USA Swimming/Midwestern Swimming policies as explained in safety marshal training; limits deck access to authorized individuals.


Timing System Operator*

Requires previous experience or brief training prior to start of session

Operates timing system console.


USA Swimming Certified Meet Referee*

Certified USA Swimming Official


USA Swimming Certified Starter*

Certified USA Swimming Official


USA Swimming Certified Administrative Official*

Certified USA Swimming Official


USA Swimming Stroke & Turn Judge*

Certified USA Swimming Official


Volunteer Check-In

Assists with checking-in volunteers; distributing wristbands and credentials; helps to inform them of their position responsibilities and report areas.


*Denotes training needed

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