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Sarpy County Swim Club is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, and is a member club of USA Swimming (USAS) in the Midwestern Swimming Local Swimming Committee (LSC), and is a member club of US Masters Swimming (USMS) is the Nebraska Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC). The abbreviation for our USA Swimming team is SCSC, and the abbreviation for our Masters team is SCSCM. Our USA Swimming team, may also be referred to as the competitive team.


The team is overseen by a board of directors, with the day-to-day operations led by our team leadership. As members of Sarpy County Swim Club, you are welcome to attend quarterly Executive Board meetings. An email will be sent to all members prior to each board meeting. A copy of organization bylaws are available upon request to SCSC Masters members by emailing Aidan Cho at


USMS Membership- $70 - $115
SCSC Annual Registration- $35 (Includes latex SCSC swim cap & Masters team t-shirt)
SCSC Monthly Practice Dues- $55
Monthly Practice Dues for SCSC Parents, Military & School Staff- $45
August 2023 Dues- 1/2 Dues ($27.50/$22.50)

Each swimmer must be a registered member of US Masters Swimming and pay an annual SCSC registration fee, in addition to monthly dues. The USMS membership is good through December 31 of each calendar year. Your initial SCSC registration fee includes a SCSC Masters t-shirt and latex SCSC cap.

The annual SCSC registration fee is due upon joining the club, and is also assessed in August of each year.

All practice dues and other fees are due by the 7th of each month. You will receive an invoice prior to the first of each month from Square. Square accepts all major credit cards. You may also pay by check (payable to Sarpy County Swim Club), and can deposit the check in the locked dropbox located underneath the scoreboard at the PLHS pool by the 7th of each month. SCSC offers a discounted rate for parents of SCSC USAS members, active duty military and veterans, and local school district teachers/staff. If you are active duty military, veteran, or teacher/school employee, please send proof of employment to to receive this discount.

Invoices not paid on the 8th of the month will incur a $10.00 late fee. 

Any questions about Masters Team billing can be directed to


SCSC offers Masters team practices Monday-Thursday, 8:15-9:15pm, and Tuesday & Thursday's from 5:30-6:30am. During the high school swim season (Mid-November through February), we will not be able to offer Tuesday/Thursday morning practices. Monthly dues will be adjusted during this period. 

Each practice will consist of workouts written by SCSC coaches, with various intervals and adjustments by lane. Our pool is short course yards (SCY).

Circle Swimming (Click here for a video explanation) 

With more than two people per lane, circle swimming must be used to keep a flow that everyone understands. During all our practices we will use circle swimming. Swimmers will swim on the right side of the lane (except in backstroke you will be on the left).


Swimmers should also follow the 5-second rule. After the first swimmer pushes off the wall, the next swimmer will leave at an interval of 5 seconds later (1st: 0:00, 2nd: 0:05, 3rd: 0:10, etc)


Participation in swim meets is encouraged but not required. Throughout the season, SCSC coaches and staff may designate some meets as meets which we would like members to participate in. Swim meet registration/entries and meet fees are the responsibility of the swimmer. If you are participating in a meet, please let a coach know so we can follow along!

If you are interested in competing at the USMS National Championship meet, please talk to a coach, we'd love to help you reach that goal!

Be sure to checkout our news and events page for upcoming meet opportunities!


All members of the SCSC Masters team will receive communication through email. Team updates, practice cancellations/changes, etc will be communicated through email from SCSC coaches and staff.

Please add to your contacts list to ensure you receive all emails. Do not reply to this email address, please contact a staff member directly. 


Visit the SCSC Masters News & Upcoming Events page

Please follow @SarpyCountySwim on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see the latest happenings! 


We practice in the pool at Papillion La Vista High School (Monarchs) at 402 E. Centennial Rd. Papillion, NE. Please use the south pool door entrance (click here for a map). 

Sarpy County Swim Club practices at Papillion La Vista High School year-round. We are fortunate to have access to a great facility and do not want to do anything that may jeopardize our facility access. Members should enter and exit only through the south pool entrance unless otherwise specified. Click here for a map.


Members of both the SCSC Masters and SCSC competitive team are not allowed to be outside of the pool area. Use of restrooms located near the choir room is permitted. Prohibited activities include but are not limited to:

  • Roaming hallways;

  • Entering classrooms or other spaces;

  • Using PLHS athletic locker rooms, etc

Repeat violations of this may result in a up to $50 per occurrence fine or dismissal from the team.


While we are one team, we have two separate governing organizations, with two separate sets of rules and operations.

  • Pool Deck: Masters swimmers will not be on the pool deck during any competitive team practice. Masters swimmers should remain in the pool bleachers until all competitive team practices are complete. This is a USA Swimming insurance policy. Masters members who repeatedly violate this rule are subject to a $25 per-occurence fine and/or dismissal from the team. 

  • Locker Rooms: Masters swimmers and competitive team swimmers are NOT permitted in the locker rooms together. During evening practices, Masters swimmers should come to practice already in their swimsuits, as they are not permitted into the locker room until 8:15 when practice starts. During morning practices, Masters swimmers may change in the pool locker rooms. Masters swimmers may use the pool locker rooms following practice.


Throughout the season, the SCSC staff and coaches may organize various events such as social outings, breakfasts, etc. We will communicate this to all members and hope you can join us!



If you would like to stop swimming with the SCSC Masters, please contact Aidan Cho at All dues and fees must be paid.


Your annual registration fee includes one latex SCSC swim cap and a Masters team t-shirt.

Latex and silicone SCSC and USMS caps, and bungee cords for goggles are available for purchase at the pool from a coach. Credit/debit card and check is accepted for these purchases.

Throughout the year, we may offer specialized SCSC Masters team apparel. SCSC team apparel is available for purchase from our SwimOutlet store.

SwimOutlet is the official store of SCSC. They have our team suits and all of your training equipment needs. When shopping at SwimOutlet, the team also receives a small percentage of the sales. 

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