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You can donate through your workplace giving program, and your employer may match the amount of your donation, either dollar-to-dollar or a percentage.

And for those of you who volunteer your time to us- your employer may also have a volunteer grant-giving program that encourages employees to volunteer their time to an eligible charitable organization.

Please check with your employer if you are interested in taking advantage of these programs. They will let you know of any necessary forms to fill out and submission deadlines. If your employer does not sponsor a workplace giving program, consider reaching out to your Human Resources Department to determine if they would be willing to start one.


Every gift or volunteer grant we receive helps to lessen the financial burden on all our members.


The following list includes national businesses and organizations that have a history of matching employees' charitable contributions. The list is not all-inclusive as employers will frequently change their social responsibility policies. We recommend you check with your employer to determine if they have a workplace giving program and how to submit a matching gift request.

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